Archived on 6/5/2022

Warning for Beckenham Place Park swimmers over itchy parasite bites
10 Aug '20

Sorry to be the bearer of unpleasant news:

11 Aug '20

That is gross !

11 Aug '20

Yuck…Not nice then again a lot of litter gets dumped in parks and beaches causing all sorts of germs to mingle and breed!

11 Aug '20

Went swimming there the other day, it’s not a big deal and just means you need to wash straight away after or dry yourself vigorously.

The PTP website has really clear, non-sensationalist advice. It’s a naturally occurring cycle, nothing to do with rubbish. And we are surrounded by microscopic things everywhere anyway.

I imagine its happened because its been out of use for a long period due to lockdown and more wildfowl have been using it because of that.

11 Aug '20

Would have made sense to have put in some type of showers when they first designed the place.

12 Aug '20

Feels like we may be missing the point of wild swimming.