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History of Forest Hill Talk

25 Aug '20

On Monday 14th September, 7:30pm, The Forest Hill Society presents a free online talk on the History of Forest Hill.

This will be presented by Michael Abrahams based on a presentation to the Forest Hill Society by local historian, Steve Grindlay, first given in 2008, but updated for 2020 with some new history to share!

Please register in advance of the meeting to receive joining instructions:

24 Sep '20

The presentation is now available to watch at
and we have included a number of links mentioned during the talk.

27 Sep '20

Hoping by commenting here this gets bumped up the list. Thanks Michael for doing this. Spent some time this afternoon watching it and learning more about Forest Hill even though I’ve lived here for many moons. And now I know why the station is Honor Oak Park and not Honor Oak…

27 Sep '20

Thanks Michael. I was away and missed the chat so will put this on my list of things to do after work this week.

28 Sep '20

Me too.

1 Oct '20

I’ve now watched this - learnt a lot. Thanks, Michael (and Steve)

7 Oct '20

I’ve just finished watching this - fab presentation, some really interesting stuff, also the chat thread down the side led me to search for this:

Apparently A-ha recorded the Take On Me demo at a small studio on Kirkdale at the end of Dartmouth Road. Now there’s a fun fact indeed

6 Dec '20

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