Archived on 6/5/2022

Street Bins Disappearing?

26 Aug '20

I’ve noticed a few street bins have been removed along Honor Oak Park. Does anyone know why? Usually I pop my mask in bin after crossing from Honor Oak Park station, but it was gone, knew there was one further down outside Jumping Bean, but that’s gone too. Next one on that side was down past the next bus stop.

26 Aug '20

I’ve noticed the same nearer Forest Hill.

26 Aug '20

Perhaps it an enterprising scrap metal merchant. My plumber told me to just leave old radiators on the street as we worked through a job at my house - they’re always gone in 20 mins. I see people in vans who spot them and just cart them off. Amazing underground recycling actually works

28 Aug '20

Where I grew up, there was a traveller camp a few miles away. They were much more efficient at bulk waste collection than the council ever were, and you didn’t even need to ask them.

28 Aug '20

They were great at collecting a bulk load of tarmac in the old portacabin place on Waldram Crescent!