Archived on 6/5/2022

Recommendations for caterers

22 Aug '16

I’m looking for a local restaurant that does catering for home parties. I’m having a small do for about 20 people but can’t be arsed to cook so looking for someone/somewhere that can deliver a whole load of food. Ideally it would be something like Turkish or Greek or Indian with loads of things to share and something good for vegetarians. Any ideas?

22 Aug '16

Im sure i saw a note that Babur caters when i visited.

24 Aug '16

The All Inn One has done outside catering for private parties. Don’t know whether they still do.

24 Aug '16

Gabi Marx is a local mum who does catering, her food & cakes are superb!

ETA Just noticed her website seems to be for her cakes - she also does savoury food catering & supper clubs to a very high standard :slight_smile:

25 Aug '16

Helen at is an incredible cook. She catered my wedding in 2014 and runs popular pop-up nights in Penge. She is the genius who was behind the food at the much-missed Homemade cafe on Barry Rd.
Also does superb cakes.