Archived on 6/5/2022

Life after Dot Life

24 Sep '20

After four years running and, the time has come for me to pass these sites on to a new owner. Running them has given me huge satisfaction, but now I have left London I feel the sites would benefit from the insight and personal connections of an admin that lives locally.

I’ve discussed handover to two potential future admins. Both of them are very capable and have contributed a lot to the forums. After long consideration I have chosen to pass the site to @ForestHull.

@ForestHull has been a key member of the moderator team through the forum’s most challenging times and is, without doubt ,’s biggest advocate. As a moderator he’s been unflappable in resolving disputes on the site, and restrained in his dealings with provocative users. He is a careful, data-oriented decision-maker. He shares my technical interest in the innovative things we’ve done on the forums. Those of you who have met him at our meet-ups will know him for his warmth and sense of humour. He’s a natural choice of successor, in that he’ll continue the good that I did for the forums and will not repeat the mistakes I made.

So, now begins the process of handover. Over the next few days (maybe weeks) I will work with @ForestHull to document the technical steps required for a completely seamless transition. We don’t anticipate any major changes as a result of the handover, but we’ll keep you all appraised.

I am pleased to have found a capable and safe pair of hands to pass my sites into, and thankful to @ForestHull for his commitment to keeping this wonderful community online.

24 Sep '20

You have done a super job Chris, its a really nice forum with some great contributors thanks to you.

24 Sep '20

Congrats @ForestHull

And a virtual gold watch :stopwatch: for @anon5422159. Thanks for creating such a great community asset. I know your interest in the area won’t go away so sure you won’t be a stranger.