Archived on 6/5/2022

Challenge a PCN

30 Sep '20

A few weeks ago we rented a car for about a week. We live in a CPZ so we got a residents permit and registered the rental car. But there was an issue with it so it was replaced the day after we got it by the rental company. While changing the registration on the permit online to the new car, my husband ended up doing a temporary change by mistake.

We were issued a PCN the next day and realised our mistake. We then tried to informally challenge it explaining what had happened. However, LC sent us a letter today saying our challenge had been rejected and if we need to appeal this we need to go through a Notice to Owner process.

Can anyone explain to us what this entails and whether it is worth the hassle. I’m just very disappointed that a genuine mistake in the online registration process had landed us with this exorbitant fine.

30 Sep '20

Don’t be put off my the failed informal challenge. They make money out of ignoring reason and saying ‘no’ so act accordingly.

The first thing I would do in your shoes is check what your car hire company will do if they receive a Notice to Owner. It might be to pay it and charge you plus an admin fee and that might be in the T’s&C’s you agreed to. The ticket is the responsibility of the owner.

If you do this and want to go further where are a couple of useful links:

30 Sep '20

Hi Divya_m. We had exactly the same issue a few years ago. We fought it and won. Facts will back you up. Get all your info and go for it.