Archived on 6/5/2022

Forest Hill Society’s New Chairperson

7 Oct '20

Continuing the discussion from Forest Hill Society’s New Chairperson?:

Congrats @clausy!

I hope this brings Forest Hill’s civic society closer to Forest Hill’s community forum, for the benefit of all residents.

8 Oct '20

Thanks @anon5422159 - looking forward to listening to the community and understanding everyone’s concerns and suggestions to make things better.

For now this is still my personal account and whilst I may have opinions on certain ‘hot topics’ I’ll strive to have a balanced approach from an FHSoc perspective.

I’m very optimistic about working together with everyone.

8 Oct '20

Congratulations! Look forward to see what you bring to the role!

13 Oct '20

On 7th October the Forest Hill Society elected Claus Murmann as the new chairperson for the year ahead.
Here is an interview with him to find out more about Claus.