Archived on 6/5/2022

Garden clearance recommendations

16 Oct '20


Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who would be able to clear my (very overgrown) garden? The person who was going to do it has fallen through.

Thanks very much!


16 Oct '20

We used Bill from all district gardens to remove an old shed and fence and clear a hefty chunk of overground garden, earlier this year. He and his team were great and very tidy.
07488 825 814
I have recommended him twice this week - I’m not on commission- he seems a nice guy and did good work! He’s just cleared the very overgrown garden on the corner of Lowther Hill/Brockley Rise this week by the way.

16 Oct '20

I’ve been walking past that each day - that was a lot to clear, not sure how they will get the bramble roots out to stop it coming back but it looks so much better now!

16 Oct '20

Thanks both, will get in touch! Mine is chest deep in brambles, it’s quite the undertaking!!

17 Oct '20

Another option is Alyson - 07811142388. Did my hedge - fully recommended.