Archived on 6/5/2022

No London Overground service all weekend (Southern railways operating to/from London Bridge)

16 Oct '20


National Rail Enquiries show the engineering works as taking place between Canonbury and Shadwell.

In addition on Sunday due to engineering works between Balham and West Croydon via Streatham Hill/Crystal Palace & Norwood Junction Southern are not operating the London Bridge to Crystal Palace via Forest Hill service.

This leaves us with only 2 Southern services an hour to/from London Bridge on both days. There will also be a rail replacement bus service X from New Cross Gate stopping at all London Overground stations including New Cross to Dalston Kingsland and v.v.

Forest Hill to London Bridge at 13,and 43 minutes past each hour from 0643 to 2313

There is also a connection through Norwood Junction at 0655 then 26 and 56 minutes past each hour from 0726 to 2256. Journey time is 23 minutes so only 6 minutes longer than direct services as it is non stop from Norwood Junction to London Bridge. However there are only 2 minutes to sprint between platforms at Norwood Junction!)

London Bridge to Forest Hill at 10 and 40 past each hour from 0610 to 2340 then 0020 & 0035

Forest Hill to London Bridge at 0749 then at 18 and 48 minutes past each hour from 0818 to 1218 then at 16 and 46 minutes past each hour from 1246 until 2346

London Bridge to Forest Hill at 0731, 0801 then at 24 and 54 past each hour from 0824 to 2254 then 2331 and 2351

Southbound services from Forest Hill on Saturday terminate at Coulsdon Town but on Sunday at Caterham/Tattenham Corner.

16 Oct '20

Thanks @ChrisR. I’ve found out some more information, currently “rail grinding” is taking place along the route over the last few nights. Rail grinders are utilised to restore the profile and remove irregularities from worn tracks to extend its life and to improve the ride of trains using the track. My nephew who drives for London Overground has said that there’s a noticeable difference north of Shoreditch High Street, said it now sounds like a UFO when you drive over it north of Shoreditch in both directions. Also braking ability is much better with less wheel sliding after they’ve been over those sections. The Weekly Operating Notices for the section north of New Cross Gate only shows “in connection with engineering works” for reasons for possessions, whereas south of New Cross Gate, they actually list the different works. So at least we have some actual reasons for the closures now. There’s been an OTM (On Track Machine) stabled in Silwood Stabling Sidings for the last week that has been going out during the early hours every day.

This is a more extreme version but is exactly what is being done, rails are ground down, smoothed out and reprofiled to proved a safer more smoother experience for trains to go over. That being said, don’t know if it’s separate from the weekend works or not. Not sure why it’s so hard for TfL to say exactly what’s being done. I think a lot of users would be much more happier having a full-on proper explanation than a vague “engineering works” answer being given.

16 Oct '20

Thanks Flora and Chris.

What I just don’t understand is why they’ve been doing engineering works for 5 years. Is it all really engineering works, for all 5 years? Why aren’t other lines ever down for longer that a few days a year… makes me suspicious and I just can’t help but think they’re taking advantage - otherwise they’d have given the specifics by now surely.
They know it’s not info we can prove one way or another.

I notice TFLs website lists service cancellations through to 2021. Year 6 of engineering works is it then presumably.