Archived on 6/5/2022

Crofton Books (In Crofton Park Library) not returning when library reopens

16 Oct '20

Found out today that the brilliant bookshop Crofton Books in the library won’t be coming back when the library reopens.

I messaged the manager to find out what was happening, apparently, the trustees asked the bookshop to pack away books while the library was repainted. But only afterwards told him he wouldn’t be able to come back.

I do not know all the details of the situation, but the owner of the bookshop is desperately trying to find somewhere to store his stock and a new location.

It is such a shame to lose this great little local resource. We love being able to ‘recycle’ our books, dropping off and buying new ones. As an outsider (genuinely don’t have any personal connection) I was really saddened to hear this and think lots of other locals will be too.

Thought I’d share in case anyone can help the bookshop find a new home.