Archived on 6/5/2022

Taymount Grange enquiry

16 Oct '20

Does anyone here own a flat within Taymount Grange, or know someone who does?

If so, and you’d be willing, please DM me. I have a friend currently trying to buy in the building, but he’s hitting a wall of silence over some key questions about building management, service charges etc. If there’s anyone who can give a residents’ POV I’d be really grateful.

17 Oct '20

Hi Fran. We live in Taymount Grange, and love it here! Feel free to DM me - happy to answer any questions. Nick

5 Nov '20

Hey Nick,

Would also be keen on asking you a few things about Taymount Grange if possible? Looked how to DM you but could not work it out.

If possible, could you DM me?

With thanks and best wishes.

5 Nov '20


Very happy to answer questions, but I’m the same with DMs - don’t seem to be able to do it!


5 Nov '20

You’ll need the moderators to allow you to message each other @ForestHull

5 Nov '20

@HillLife Thank you!

@ForestHull Would you be able to authorise that? With thanks :slight_smile:

5 Nov '20

Welcome to the forum! I’ve created a message between you both!