Archived on 6/5/2022

Police helicopter and many cars

18 Oct '20

Police helicopter circling and hovering above Devonshire road (?) / Honor Oak park. Just seen 5 normal police cars all scream towards it down Devonshire road and 1 unmarked.

Any ideas?

18 Oct '20

Just seen them, it seems that the police helicopter is hovering over/around the nature reserve. Probably looking for someone I guess?

18 Oct '20

Helicopter ducking and diving above Ballina Street and Grierson Road moving around there was pointing lights!! I just about heard the police cars has well. Have no idea why hard not to notice.

18 Oct '20

My wife and I saw part of the chase about 25 mins ago: two guys on a scooter pursued by police van and two cars on Waldram Park Road road. They might have lost the police by cutting through that wee estate at the end of Rockbourne Rd. Heard two women on Stanstead saying the bike nearly hit them.