Archived on 6/5/2022

Bin emptying behind Drakes Court

18 Oct '20

Does anyone know who is responsible for emptying the bin on the small field / basketball court area behind Drakes Court (Devonshire / Ewelme)? I think the flats are at least partially owned by Lewisham Homes but not sure who is responsible for the outside area.

It’s really full and the contents are spilling out across the grass. Lots of dog walkers use the spot, myself included, so loads of dog poo overflowing as well. I go there quite regularly and it is really unpleasant.

People should just take their rubbish with them but wouldn’t be an issue if it was emptied once a week.

25 Jun '21

The people responsible for managing the estate have demonstrated themselves incapable of managing this basic amenity of rubbish disposal for the estate. This in itself should disqualify them from managing further development on the site.