Archived on 6/5/2022

Lewisham Council Meeting Q&A re LTNs, Pools and many other topics

22 Oct '20


Has comments regarding Road Closures, Reopening of Forest Hill pools? and other topics discussed on the forum.

22 Oct '20

And the public’s questions are here (if I can manage to post the right pdf this time!)

documents-7(2).pdf (2.1 MB)

We were supposed to be able to ask a supplementary question live on the night. But it’s been so long since the last opportunity that there were well over a hundred written questions and only half an hour for supplementaries. Lewisham decided the order in which the questions were collated, so some people didn’t get beyond the lobby.

The written answers were often just cut and paste repeats.

22 Oct '20

Thanks for this. I skim read up to page 150 and it’s clear how unpopular these LTNs are and that the council need to remove them and apologise profusely for the stress and inconvenience they have caused. I think I read one positive comment about it.

I’m still waiting a response for my FOI on the total fines issued by the four camera controlled roads. 30 working days in no response - I now need to work out what to do next because I think we have the right to know just how much money was raised.

It’s strange because my last foi request was responded to quickly - it must be a big number and they’re too embarrassed to reveal it.

22 Oct '20

Is this this info you were looking for?