Archived on 6/5/2022

No London Overground service all weekend (Southern railways operating a reduced service) ** UPDATED 24Oct/11am

23 Oct '20

There will not be any London Overground services again this weekend due to engineering work between Dalston Junction and Shadwell.

Southern Railways will be operating as follows:

Forest Hill to London Bridge at 0625 and 0658 then at 26 and 56 minutes past each hour from 0726 to 2356. Service starts from Epsom.

London Bridge to Forest Hill at 10 and 40 past each hour from 0610 to 2210 then 2301, 2331, 0020 & 0035. Although there are no direct trains between 2210 and 2301 there is a connection via Norwood Junction at 2225 but it only allows 2 minutes to change between platforms!

Services terminate at Caterham until 2210. 2301 and 2331 terminate at Norwood Junction and 0020 and 0035 terminate at West Croydon

Forest Hill to London Bridge at 0722, 0752, 0825 and 0856 then at 25 and 55 minutes past each hour from 0925 to 2355.

London Bridge to Forest Hill at 07 and 37 minutes past each hour from 0737 to 2307 then 2350 & 0018.

Despite Southern previously advising the Sunday service would operate to and from Crystal Palace the service is now operating to/from East Croydon except the last 2 from London Bridge which will terminate at Norwood Junction.

23 Oct '20

Thank you for this-I checked last night on a National rail search engine and it looked like there were no southern trains until Sunday.
I asked at FH stn this morning and the guy behind the counter didn’t know but said they were running on Sunday.
Reading your post has made my commute much more palatable on saturday!

23 Oct '20

You’re welcome - I wondered if you were working this weekend
I hope there won’t be a problem with space as the service into London Bridge on Saturday starts in Epsom so there’s 11 stops before Forest Hill!

24 Oct '20

just got in from work-your post made a real difference to my day!
I messaged my colleague who lives in Honor Oak and thanks to you we were able to get the 9.55am this morning and the 20.10 this evening.
Luckily the trains were the new ones and lots of carriages so both journeys were very civilised.
You are a star! :clap: :clap: :clap:

24 Oct '20

Thanks for your post Max. So pleased to hear the train times worked out for you ok today and there were plenty of carriages! Enjoy what’s left of the weekend unless you’re working again tomorrow!

25 Oct '20

Thanks! Off today but got to go to an artillery thanks to Southern running!
Hope your weekend was restful.