Archived on 6/5/2022

So long and thanks for all the threads!

26 Oct '20

Forgive me for making like an Airport and announcing my departure but I am off this week to pastures new and I just like to say thanks and cheerio!
I’m of here on Thursday and we are packing up today so I wont have much time later in the week so I thought I’d drop my farewells now. Of course I will still be popping in from time to time to see how you are all doing so it is not a complete goodbye.
Just wanted to say thanks to the inimitable @anon5422159 for setting up this site and running it over the last few years - it’s been great to have a community forum like this and I have met some wonderful people through it. @ForestHull is going to have his hands full taking it forward but I am sure he will continue the great work!
Without banging on too much I also wanted to thank all the other mods past and present. The site runs much better with decent moderation and is all the better for the likes of @oakr, @Londondrz, @clausy, @applespider and all the others who have modded in the past.
Of course a site doesn’t work without the members and contributors - we don’t always have to agree with each other but the spirit here has always been good. Long may it continue…
I’m going to miss Forest Hill and miss being a Londoner but I’ll to console myself with a freshly picked lemon in my G&T…
Cheers everyone…

26 Oct '20

Cheers Nick, and thanks for being a great moderator too! Good luck with the move and I look forward to inviting myself over at some less crazy point in the future for a G&T and pizza. :slight_smile:

26 Oct '20

Good luck in those fairer pastures, Nick! :sunny:

26 Oct '20

Good luck Nick, it’s been great having you on here but more than anything I’m forever thankful you showed me what a tomato sideshoot was!

Looking forward to some additions to the bakers thread and to see what you grow in your ‘garden’!

Safe travels to you both!

26 Oct '20

Cheers Nick, you’ve been an absolute star as a Dot Life mod, and I’ll miss your posts on this site and the fun discussions we had in our team meet-ups. All the best for your big move.

26 Oct '20

Nick, it has been a pleasure to have moderated with you, discussed with you and enjoy the odd beer or two.

I wish you well in your travels and look forward to the sunny photos to lighten our sometimes dreary days.


26 Oct '20

Best of luck Nick! I think we are all a bit jealous of your escape to the sun :slight_smile:

26 Oct '20

I wouldn’t advise doing it in a pandemic though! It has been a bit stressful but I can’t really complain.

26 Oct '20

Best of luck Nick! So jealous of that outside oven! Enjoy the G&T!

26 Oct '20

Good Luck & thanks for helpful replies & content. Take care & enjoy life!

26 Oct '20

I haven’t bothered to login for a few months, but I saw this and I wanted to wish you well.
Good luck!
(Now I’ll bail out again before do my normal and upset someone)

26 Oct '20

All the best Nick, sounds like a great adventure ahead! Please know that you’ve consistently been a warm and calming presence, positive influence and contributor on here. We will miss you.

26 Oct '20

Wishing you a wonderful life away from here. Take care and all the best. Sue

26 Oct '20

Good luck with your new venture. Hope all goes well & you enjoy! Gill :blush:

26 Oct '20

Good on you Nick. Hope it works out.

28 Oct '20

Thanks everyone
House is empty and we are just waiting for the cleaners to finish up before we take some pictures so we can rent the place out. Cats are very freaked out!
Had a last beer in the great @AllInnOne last night (please support them if you can!) And had a king sized brekkie from the bistro which was lovely but I need a lie down after…
Flight is tomorrow and our stuff is en route.
Can’t quite believe we are actually doing this!!