Archived on 6/5/2022

Re-waxing a Barbour advice

27 Oct '20

Does anyone have any experience with local companies cleaning & re-waxing a Barbour jacket? Since lockdown we barely leave SE so would like to find somewhere local for a professional job on this

27 Oct '20

Barbour do a re-wax kit if you want to go down that road.

I was not able to find anyone locally up to 3 years ago. That may well have changed since.

27 Oct '20

Not ever so local but The Saddlery Westerham roughly 30 mins drive from here do them. £25 for long jacket and extra bit if with hood.
01959 573089

27 Oct '20

Just buy some wax, melt it up, wipe it on with a lint-free cloth and you’re done. Pretty satisfying tbh. I do mine every year.

28 Oct '20

Either do it yourself (see video on the Barbour website that explains what to do). Alternatively you can send back to Barbour to rewax. I got one of mine done earlier this month £35 and it was posted back within a week

28 Oct '20

it used to be that you could take it to John Lewis and they would send it off for you to Barbour who would repair it, fix any rips and tears and patch any holes, re wax it and and you would pick it up again from John Lewis. They don’t do that any more but i am sure that Barbour still repair their jackets. It was the proud boast that there was no jacket that could not be saved and re-instated. That was before recycling and ‘re-use’ was a ‘thing.’ They just had that attitude long ago. i always used to respect that. One year my coat was really trashed, and it came back patched up and the frayed cuffs with plastic piping all round them. Some whole new panels were sewn in the front. They were and I am sure still are a great company.

29 Oct '20

Hello, I sent my Barbour to mallin and son to re-wax it, Barbour were taking waxing orders at the time. search online.
Fill out a request online and they send you the packaging. Takes a couple of weeks, job done and a good finish.