Archived on 6/5/2022

Clothes/ Shoe Bank

28 Oct '20

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knew of any clothes/ shoes banks in the area. I have found that, due to having been shut over the summer, a lot of the charity shops are not accepting donations at this time.

I’m keen to not throw stuff away when it’s in good nick but the wardrobes desperately need a clear out!

Thanks in advance!

28 Oct '20

Dropped off a fair bit at Sue Ryder in FH last week and they seemed pretty happy to see it - not sure if you’ve tried there yet.

28 Oct '20

The 2 clothing bank crates In the car park behind the council offices in Catford were open when I visited last week, with plenty of capacity.
And for anything in good condition and saleable the Scope shop in Sydenham Road accepts donations.

28 Oct '20

The St Christopher’s charity shops for our local hospice are accepting donations.
The nearest one is in Sydenham - 270 Kirkdale.

29 Oct '20

After seeing it on Dragons Den the other week and piles of clothes needing new homes I’m giving a go - could be worth checking out for stuff in good nick?

31 Oct '20

Great, thanks for advice all!