Archived on 6/5/2022

Virgin Media broadband is intermittently down

29 Oct '20


I’ve woken up to having no broadband via Virgin Media.Virgin say there are no issues on the network.

Is anyone else having issues with Virgin Media this morning?

I’m on Taymount Rise.


29 Oct '20

UPDATE: Virgin Media have now acknowledging that there is an issue with the network!

29 Oct '20

Thanks, Matt.

Yes, we are on Dartmouth Road and have the same issue.

29 Oct '20

We’re on Radlet Avenue (off Thorpewood) and have had no problems…yet?

31 Oct '20

I’m Taymount Rise area too, Matt, and Virgin Broadband can be a pain. It’s been slightly better recently, but it went through a phase of being very unreliable. I always try to ring if there’s a problem (and to report the fault on DownDetector, though I think that’s more a therapeutic thing!) They may not acknowledge the fault at first, but if you call back again when they’re admitting to it (which may take a few goes), you can register that it affected you. Which in theory may get you a partial refund. Sometimes they’ll restart your set-up, which may fix the problem but if that doesn’t it’s really difficult to get through to customer services, though. Not hugely impressed overall.