Archived on 6/5/2022

Solicitor for lease extension and sale

30 Oct '20

Hi, I am looking for a solicitor that can handle a lease extension and sale (and likely purchase). Seems at the moment solicitors are only taking sales / purchases but I need the extension as part of it.

Thank you

31 Oct '20

Hi, I work for Stirling Ackroyd Legal and live in Forest Hill and I specialise in enfranchisement and lease extensions. Happy to chat anytime 07739396399. Thanks, Clive

31 Oct '20

These guys are property specialists and we’ve used them and are really happy.

Happy if PM you for more info.

2 Nov '20

I would highly recommend Thackray Williams, they have successfully handled a very complex lease extension that was tangled with a freehold/leasehold dispute for the block of flats I live in.