Archived on 6/5/2022

Sainsbury’s Eggs - Customer Safety Advice

6 Nov '20

Quite by chance while trying to find something else on the Sainsbury’s website I came across the following notification:

It has been brought to our attention that Salmonella has been detected on a farm supplying a limited number of batches of Sainsbury’s eggs. This may make some of the eggs from the batches listed above unsafe to consume raw or lightly cooked. No other products are affected. Eggs with the same date code, but a different batch code are also unaffected. The best before date and batch code are printed on the eggshell. These batches were only sold through specific Sainsburys stores.

The list of stores includes all of the ones in this area including Locals so if you’ve bought any Sainsbury’s’ eggs that have a date code between 27th October and 20th November and batch code 1UK15270 I suggest checking the Sainsbury’s website below for full details.

6 Nov '20

If you are registered to Nectar, and use it when shopping, you’ll always be emailed about items you’ve purchased that are subject to a recall.

6 Nov '20

Really? I bought some eggs listed in the notice recently and even went and checked the batch number - no email from Nectar unless they’re really smart and know exactly which eggs you bought based on when you purchased them i.e what was in stock that day.

Come to think of it, they never email me about recalls - maybe I should check my email preferences!

6 Nov '20

Thanks for the warning.

I’m wondering how “a farm supplying a limited number of batches of Sainsbury’s eggs” is managing to supply organic eggs; free range [non organic?]; and Basics eggs. That’s quite some enterprise to manage three categories of egg laying in one place. :thinking:

6 Nov '20

Just guessing, but could it be an organic farm which supplies sainsburys which is then free to sell the eggs as organic, free range or basics should it so choose?

I had a box of eggs from sainsburys recently and the yolks were orange. Weird, but not this batch code.

7 Nov '20

I’m baffled by the fact that the batch codes for the organic eggs begin with a number 1. I thought that organic eggs always began with a 0: and last time I idly checked the stamps on them (ooh, my exciting life!) they did.

In fact, the info printed inside the box lid still says “Understanding egg codes 0=organic” :confused:

I have a box of Sainsbury’s SO 6 free range British eggs, which are in a box exactly like the one shown on the website, and dated 20 November - but the batch code stamped on them is 0UK14988.
I guess they’re ok soft boiled?..

7 Nov '20

I never realised the first digit of a batch code on eggs signified whether the egg was organic, free range etc! I’ve checked the Food Standards Agency website and they show the eggs affected also being sold by Asda, Aldi, Morrison and Costco but they still only quote the same batch code. However Sainsbury’s website does state “Eggs with the same date code, but a different batch code are also unaffected” which would seem to cover you,.