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For sale (£200) - Kids remote control ride-on Land Rover Defender (LICENSED) - 4WD CAR

10 Nov '20

Kids ride-on land rover defender - NEVER USED.

Officially Licensed by Land Rover, this model comes fitted with real 4WD, working suspension, Leather seats and upgraded EVA soft grip tyres for a smother quieter ride.

This large 2 seater comes with all the functions you’d expect form a Licensed product such as MP3 music plug in, working lights, 2 adjustable seats with two separate seat belts and a parental remote included.


2.4G Parental Remote Control
USB/MP3/Memory card Plug in
Sound Controls
Power Indicator
LED Lights
Forward & Reverse
Upgraded EVA Tyres
Leather seats
2 x Safety Seat Belts
Two Adjustable Seats
Motors: 4 x 35W


Brand - Land Rover
Number of seats - 2
Max weight - 30kg
Top speed 3-5mph
Run time - 1hr Average
Height - 47cm
Width - 74cm
Length - 124cm


10 Nov '20

Would this be able to get up the horniman hill? Asking for a friend.

10 Nov '20

Indeed it would! Seems hill worthy to me…

9 Jan '21

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