Archived on 6/5/2022

VHS to DVD or USB transfer services

17 Nov '20

Does anyone have a local recommendation?

17 Nov '20

Snappy Snaps in Sydenham High St did a first class job converting old cine films and old VHS tapes to DVD /USB for me. Reasonably priced too.

17 Nov '20

Don’t go to the snappy snaps in Lewisham though!!

They gave me two out of 5 scratched DVDs- didn’t discover this until I got home and tested them all out on the DVD player. When I complained they accused me of scratching them myself!! Yes, the day I received them I went home and decided to scratch them just so I could go through the hassle of returning to the store a week later for replacements!

17 Nov '20

There was this post from @DaMo a while back, with the lovely picture of the old cassettes: Convert VHS to Digital Service.

I think their email address is further down the topic in case you want to make enquiries.