Archived on 6/5/2022

Feedback on Residential Block on Church Vale to be submitted by 23rd November

18 Nov '20

Hi Susana, do you still live in the block? I’m also a resident. has asked people to email her evidence of antisocial behaviour in the block, by Monday 23rd November, to help build a report. If you’d be happy to email her info about any ASB you’ve ever experienced that would be fantastic for creating a stronger case for CCTV or a security door. And please do let any other residents know that they can email Gillian too. Thank you!

19 Nov '20

Hi Holly

I’ve created this as a new topic for you as the thread from the previous thread title here made it confusing. Please update the title or message if there is a more appropriate building name.

I’ve tagged @Susana so she gets notified of this new thread in case she wanted to respond.

And also welcome to the forum @Holly!

19 Nov '20

Hi Holly, yes, I still live in the block. I have received the notification too and I will be emailing her evidence. Yesterday, there were two grown ups downstairs, smoking… it is so scary, mainly when coming back from work with my son. Let’s see what happens.

20 Nov '20

Thanks @oakr @Susana
Gillian says that despite everyone knowing about this ASB (police, council, MP, Lewisham Homes etc) for many years it still doesn’t look strong enough on paper for any action, because they’ve never been caught in the act.

So she really strongly recommended calling 999 any time anyone sees something/someone alarming - as that’s the only chance of the police catching the ASB as it happens. It’s also the CAD numbers generated by those calls that are logged as an ‘incident’. She needs as many CADs as possible.

Thanks again, hoping we can get some action this time!