Archived on 6/5/2022

Catalytic converter theft Devonshire Road

25 Nov '20

Hi, sorry to say that I witnessed two guys stealing a catalytic converter from a car in Devonshire Road (junction Dunoon) on Wed 24 @7pm. They ran as soon as they saw me, but had taken what they were after… please be vigilant everyone!

6 Dec '20

Hi. This happened to me on Friday night on Horniman drive. It’s an old Mercedes CLK 2000
reg. The cost of the part is nearly worth more than the car itself. Gutted.

When I called the garage in Forest Hill they said they had had 3 catalytic converter thefts in the last week.

The police aren’t able to investigate without evidence, so closed the case. They did tell me that it takes theives seconds with a professional tool.

I’ve attached a photo of my car’s undercarriage to show how clean the cut is. Posting here to advise others to be careful if they can. Park in a driveway; get a fake cctv camera; wish I could rewind 2 days. Good luck.

10 Dec '20

The investigation is supposed to discover evidence.