Archived on 6/5/2022

Lost Cat

29 Nov '20

Please help us find Idris. He bolted from his vet cat basket on Brockley Hall Road and hasn’t been able to find his way home to Bexhill Road (on 28 November).

He’s is a grey tabby with a loud meow; he has a shaved patch and cut on his forehead from the vets.

He is friendly but a little bit shy; he might come to you if do a few short whistles. He’s a really loved pet in our family and we’re desperate to find him.

If you see him, please call Beth on 07855 962790 or Joe on 07812 249974 (if you can keep him there/safe till we get to you we’d be so grateful). Thank so much for your help.

29 Nov '20

Sorry to hear this - I hope Idris comes home soon. To help I’ve shared on our social channels:

:twitter: (5,020 followers)
:twitter: @SE23_Tweets (590 followers)
:twitter: @SE23Cats (300 followers)

29 Nov '20

That’s very kind of you, thank you so much.