Archived on 6/5/2022

Will Blythe Hill fields playground be open?

30 Nov '20

Hi my local friends.

My friend has two very boisterous 5 year olds to ‘keep occupied/entertained’ this Friday. She was planning to take them to Horniman’s museum - but I know these kiddies well, and all they want to do is swing from things and shout and run around! Does anyone know if the playground bit at Blythe Hill fields will be open this Friday? By Friday we should be out of lock down, so into tier 2…so surely open?

30 Nov '20

Yep - not much to climb in the Horniman Gardens, but there’s plenty of climbing frames, a climbing wall and a big sand pit at the Horniman Triangle over the road and down the hill a bit. It was open a few weeks ago and would be hard to fence off in honesty:

Sorry, I’ve not been to the Blythe Hill playground recently, but someone else may have?

30 Nov '20

Haven’t been to Blythe Hill lately but all other playgrounds I have seen during this lockdown (I can think of 3) have been open.

30 Nov '20

It’s been open the whole time, so I’m sure (bar something exceptional) it will be open Friday.

30 Nov '20

I went today, it is very much open :slight_smile: