Archived on 6/5/2022

Perry Hill Pub :tada:

4 Dec '20

Exciting news for people down the Catford/Bell Green side of things… after sitting empty for a year or two, the Perry Hill is being taken over by a couple called Phil and Oonagh who have worked in various south London pubs (the Florence in Herne Hill is the one I recognised the name of) for 20-odd years. Pressed my face against the glass this afternoon as had noticed activity and Phil invited me in and said they’re hoping to open in Feb/March and that it will be a family and dog friendly pub with great food and beer! We need a bit of life in this neck of the woods so hopefully it will be a great asset. Their various social channels are live - handles on the attached pic.

4 Dec '20

Thank you for sharing. As someone who lives around the corner this is amazing news! Very excited about this coming to the neighborhood.

5 Dec '20

Oooh, yes this is really exciting news. Fab to see this pub getting some new love!

13 Dec '20

The new landlord was outside today working on the decking leading up to the front door. He said he hopes to get the kitchen open again.

13 Dec '20

I bet he does

15 Dec '20

Great news - we need somewhere to go for a good pint and proper food. NOT Scotch eggs and pasties!

15 Dec '20

Spent a lot of my Friday nights in here as a youth when it was the Two Brewers. Had a few cracking Christmas Eves in there as well. Hammered for under 20 quid, roll mops from the fish man and loads of songs on the jukebox.

Great times.

22 Feb '21
11 Mar '21

They must be getting towards opening soon :partying_face:

And for anyone eager to support them before they open, their website is also selling vouchers at

16 Mar '21

12th April it is then! Bookings can be made via their website:

18 Mar '21

Their sample menu has just been released as well :ok_hand:

19 Mar '21

Not sure about the food pricing , This isn’t East Dulwich ? £4.50 for a portion of chips ??

Don’t think you will rein very long round here with those prices .

19 Mar '21

I’ll defo be paying the extra 50p to try the confit duck fat chips though!!!

19 Mar '21

No, it’s East Perry Village.

The honor oak pub charges £4 for chips, but 14.50 for burger and chips does seem fairly steep. Whether it does well is probably going to be about quality and experience as well as price.

19 Mar '21

East Perry village!! Don’t think so , if you’ve lived in Forest hill for any time it’s the old
2 Brewers on Perry Rise. Nice little locals pub back in the day. Just noticed in an earlier thread that the licencee had some connection with The Palmerston in east dulwich , might have guessed.

20 Mar '21

Hospitality has been shut for the best part of the year, and they probably add a little extra cost on to try to recover some lost profit, as they’ll be at reduced capacity presumably for most of the rest of this year.

Looks nice to me anyway :relieved:

20 Mar '21

Looks like the local market is changing! Very different place to even just 5 years ago, Forest Hill. The menu certainly seems aimed at the newer demographic.

31 Mar '21

Got a table booked - looking forward to seeing our new local

12 Apr '21

Just had lunch at the Perry Hill and it was delicious! They seemed really well organised with lots of staff on who were all super friendly. Small menu but burger and hake tasted really fresh and yum.
They have done the outside bit up wonderfully and it’s huge!
Would recommend :slight_smile:

12 Apr '21

That looks great & not too busy (in a good way!) - did you book a covered table or just take a walk in?

12 Apr '21

We booked a covered table which equaled that umbrella in the first pic. Not sure if it’d keep all people on the table dry if it were raining. There’s better coverage at the tables on the astro turf in the first pic or next to the building at the right hand side of the 2nd pic.

17 Apr '21

TimeOut has reviewed it for those that haven’t yet been able to make it there themselves:

I think they like it:

Alongside Jamie Younger (previous owner of The Palmerston) and head chef Eric Grapt (The Wolseley), local artist @Lionel Stanhope also gets a mention for providing the garden mural.

Jamie also has an Instagram for those looking for a bit more foodie porn e.g.

7 May '21

I have to bump this, because they’ve just answered all my prayers in dessert form.

After seeing the incredible doughnut-bakewell-tart-ice-cream-sandwich on Twitter, we literally ran to the Perry Hill for dinner and it was excellent. The menu is hearty and not for the faint-hearted but the burger, grilled corn and the pulled pork on grilled bread (:drooling_face:) were delicious.

And need I say, this dessert will be in my dreams for weeks.

13 May '21

Just wanted to add my thumbs up to the Perry Hill. Ate (and drank) there yesterday evening and really enjoyed it. I had the whipped goats curd with spring veg followed by fillet of sea bass and samphire. Absolutely delicious and the service was friendly and efficient. Looking forward to many more visits!

18 May '21

There’s a 10 minute interview with Phil Sutton, the owner of the Perry Hill pub on BBC Local Radio this morning:

The interview starts at 1:16:30 and he describes some of the challenges of opening his own pub for the first time, during a pandemic, as well as how the hospitality industry has been coping and the measures they have taken to take care of their customers.

8 Sep '21

Hi there. Sorry for a bit of shameless promotion but shouting about our first big event we have coming up - OKTOBERFEST Perry Hill style to be held on Sat September 18th!

Some pics and more info here!