Archived on 6/5/2022

Honor Oak Park Christmas Tree

9 Dec '20

Who is responsible for the tree by the crossing at Honor Oak Park station? When it’s up, I have such a bad time being seen by cars when I’m waiting to cross on the crossing. It really is such a bad location to be placed, why not put it back against the fence or in the unused corner behind it? I had the same issues last year. I’m not a scrooge in the slightest and I love that there’s a tree, but it’s really not the best place for pedestrian safety.

9 Dec '20

Hi @Flora_Noris, am sorry to hear this.

The tree has been a collaborative effort involving Friends of Honor Oak, the council and others. A number of locations were considered and the final placement was on suggestion by the council Highways Agency.

I cross there regularly with a six year old and don’t experience a problem so perhaps you could expand on the issue a little.

9 Dec '20

Note the ‘please donate a bauble or 2’ :slight_smile: