Archived on 6/5/2022

Water pressure to no water

11 Dec '20

Anyone else been having water pressure issues today? It’s been low all day and now we have no running water.

11 Dec '20

Yes, we’ve got no water too. Called Thames water and apparently there is a burst water main in the area.

11 Dec '20

Yes, same here (Shipman Road). I messaged Thames Water on Fb, they confirmed a burst pipe issue offering to keep me updated via text.

12 Dec '20

It looks like Thames Water have been / are digging up Treviso Road, so maybe that was the problem?

12 Dec '20

Walked down Kemble Rd this morning and appeared to be Tarmac lifting and little fountains of water in at least 6 areas on both sides of the road?

Looks like a big dig up coming any time soon ? Still low/No pressure in the immediate area .