Archived on 6/5/2022

Hit and run

12 Dec '20

Hello all. My first post on here and a bit of a dramatic one!

On Wednesday 9th December at about 4.30pm there was a collision between a speeding motorist and a young teenage cyclist on Garthorne Road, pretty much outside No’s 21 and 38, on the stretch of road between Agnew Road and Ackroyd Road. The driver didn’t stop and the car sped off down Ackroyd Road, leaving the victim with a badly broken arm and very shaken. It could have been much worse.

There were a couple of witnesses but no one saw the make or registration of the car, although it did leave behind the back of it’s wing mirror, a thin strip from a side panel and a side light. From that, it appeared to be a dark or black car, possibly quite old as most cars have built in units containing all the lights these days.

It has been reported to police by the boy’s parents, with CAD reference 5323. 09/12/2020.

If anyone has CCTV along that rat run stretch including Wastdale, Malham, Dalmain, Beadnell, Ewart and especially Garthorne and Ackroyd Roads, it’s possible you may have the evidence to help track down the person that did this. If so, please contact the police quoting the above reference number.

12 Dec '20

Sorry to hear this.
Are there any numbers on the inside of the mirror casing?
Might be a part number that could be traced to the make of the car.