Archived on 6/5/2022

1-1 Boxing Coach, available in person or virtually

14 Dec '20

My name is Frank and I am a boxing coach and fully qualified and insured personal trainer, and I have recently relocated to South East London.

Over 10+ years of my boxing journey, I have accumulated extensive experience as both a competitive boxer and coach. My qualifications include:

  • Personal Trainer Qualification (Accredited by the European Register of Exercise Professionals)
  • MSc Loughborough University, Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • BSc University of Exeter, Psychology with Sport and Exercise Sciences

I currently provide 1-1 boxing coaching in SE London and/or remotely, welcoming all ages and ability levels. My clients range from individuals who compete and aspire to compete to those who box for fitness and fun. My clients’ goals have ranged from:

  • Learning how to throw a punch
  • Losing weight for a wedding
  • Improving general fitness and mobility
  • Learning self defence
  • Refining a specific boxing skill
  • Gaining more confidence in sparring

My current offer includes a 4-month 1-1 Coaching Programme, which includes:

  1. One coaching session a week (60 minutes, in person at a boxing gym or virtual);
  2. A personalised coaching programme tailored to the client’s goals and ability level;
  3. Continuous monitoring of client progress and adapting the coaching programme accordingly, to ensure the most efficient course of action for reaching client’s goals;
  4. Assistance with client’s fitness and nutrition goals.

(Possible to arrange as a Christmas gift!)

An initial consultation to discuss your needs and goals, and how I can help you achieve those, is free of charge. For more information and any inquires please get in touch via email or phone:

I currently have 3 spaces left for new clients starting in January 2021. Please get in touch for more information.