Archived on 6/5/2022

Dalmain Primary School Virtual Tour Video is now online

15 Dec '20


For those of you looking to apply for a place for your child at Primary School starting next September (2021), the deadline for application is the 15th January 2021..

Don’t forget you need some supporting evidence to make the application.

Last year’s furthest distance details are here. . Keep in mind these change each year and will vary quite a bit if there are for example bulge classes which can affect not just the school with the bulge class. Number of siblings can also have quite an impact.

When you apply put your favourite school first, if you don’t get in, your next school becomes first choice so if you put school A down as first and School B as 2nd, and someone esle put School B as 1st choice but they are further away, if you don’t get School A you would get priority over the other person even though it’s 2 on your list as you are closer (assuming distance is the main determining factor). If you don’t get the place you want, there is normally some movement on the waiting lists as people move away, go to private schools etc.

Anyway, I imagine visiting schools as would traditionally be the way has been difficult with Covid, so my children’s school Dalmain has done a virtual tour which might be of use to anyone considering it. It is half way down this page. . I have 2 children there currently and they both absolutely love it there. Both their teachers and TAs are excellent, there are some fantastic teachers and staff there but the art teacher mentioned in the video is unbelievable with what he gets the kids to do I have to say. It also has a great PTA.

We are lucky that we have some great schools in SE23 thoguh your choices are normally restricted by how close you are to the schools themselves.

15 Dec '20

Note we also have a collation of info on state-maintained Primary Schools in the area here: Local Primary School Information