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Wanted 3 Indian sandstone paving slabs

18 Dec '20

Anyone got a few Indian sandstone paving slabs left over ? we need to make a tiny new bit of patio by the shed door. Many thanks

19 Dec '20

We have a few 60x60 cm left, but they are more grey than sandstone, if colour isn’t that important?
And a bit weathered from being outside for 2 years, but nothing a little elbow grease couldn’t fix.

20 Dec '20

Hi Marty
Ah sounds like they might be slate… ideally would like a vagueish colour match. But will get back to you if we can’t find anything closer
Many thanks

20 Dec '20

Hi Suze,

We have about 6 left over from our garden project in October 900mm x 600mm.
They are the ones from:

Let me know if you want any and you can come and collect them

18 Feb '21

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