Archived on 6/5/2022

A car has gone into the garden wall of the Honor Oak pub on St Germains Road

21 Dec '20

I didn’t really go that close, but everyone seemed ok I saw so hopefully no casualties. There was a policewoman in attendance I think.

I expect the road might get closed at the junction with Brockley Rise for the car to be removed.

22 Dec '20

I went past it yesterday and I saw someone being treated in the ground. I hope they are ok.

There last thing that the landlord of the honour oak needs. Car must have been really going as it’s mounted the pavement and smashed through the wall.

Is that area a 20 zone?

22 Dec '20

There seems to be a bit of a rash of careless drivers going in to walls at the moment. Sadly it is something we are well used to on Taymount Rise. Our wall has been damaged twice in two years.

22 Dec '20

Let’s hope so.

Hopefully insurance will cover it for the pub.

It’s definitely a 20. Strange place for it to happen as you would nearly always have to slow down to turn into the road, I wonder if it was one of those meant to hit the brakes and hit the acccelerator moments that sometimes happens in these situations.

I think it’a probably always been there, but maybe with less traffic in Tier 4 etc cars are able to go faster more easily. There have been 3 bad crashes I have seen near Whites Paint shop on Brockley rise, where the wall opposite on Whatman has been hit, and once with a motorbike where thankfully the rider was ok generally, but all seemed to stem from taking that bend far too quickly.

22 Dec '20

There was a car partly on the pavement and partly in someone’s front garden on Catford Hill last week.