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Wanted: Local Solicitor / Notary Public to certify document

3 Jan '21


I’m trying to get a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) document certified before getting it legalised.

According to the site:

Your Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) document must be certified by a solicitor or notary public in the UK.

When the solicitor or notary public signs the document, they must:

** have a valid practising certificate*
** sign the document in the UK*
** state the action they have taken eg witnessed, certified a copy, confirmed as original*
** use their personal signature, not a company signature*
** include the date of certification*
** include their name and company address*

Anyone know of any local solicitor or notary public that can provide this service at a reasonable cost?
We’re near HOP station and prefer somewhere walking distance and can drop it off through the letter box.


3 Jan '21

I thought all solicitors offered this service, for a nominal fee.

4 Jan '21

I think any solicitor can do this.

5 Mar '21

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