Archived on 6/5/2022

Traffic Calming proposal in Garthorne Road

4 Jan '21

Hello neighbours.
My son was hit by a speeding car before Christmas while cycling home on Garthorne Road. He’s doing fine, after an operation to help heal his badly broken arm.

I’ve seen many further instances of people driving recklessly fast since then, and think the roads would really benefit from traffic calming to slow them down. If you agree, please do so on this link - the more people do, the higher the priority they’ll assign it.

Obviously if you disagree, no problem and as you were.

Thanks very much.

4 Jan '21

Sadly traffic calming seems to have a negative effect on drivers. When they were installed on Waldenshaw Road many years ago some drivers used to delight in going over the humps as fast as they could.

4 Jan '21

Agreed. You just have to hear the crunching of the underside of cars on Devonshire Road every 5 minutes to see what little effect they have. They’d need to be very big humps to deter people, I’ve found only cameras such as those next to Peckham common actually deter speedy drivers.

So sorry to hear of your son’s incident @SeanB and I will sign the petition nonetheless in the hope that something good comes from it.

4 Jan '21

Chicanes much better than humps.

7 Jan '21

I have already done this.:blush: