Archived on 6/5/2022

FREE Concrete weight plates

12 Jan '21

I am giving away these weights I made these during the first lockdown.
They’ve served me very well.
I’ve bought some rubber bumper plates so hopefully someone can make use of these.

2x 25 kg
2x 20 kg
2x 15 kg
4x 10 kg
2x 5 kg

I tried to get them close to Olympic plate sizes as possible.

Diameter: 39 cm
Hole: 50mm
25 kg - 10 cm
20 kg - 9cm
15 kg - 6.5cm
10 kg - 4.5cm
5 kg - 8 cm

NB- Does not include the metal plates in the photo.

13 Jan '21

Wow ! What a way to spend the first Lockdown ! They turned out well , good on you.
I hope you find a taker :blush: