Archived on 6/5/2022

Babur Restaurant in Michelin Guide 2021

13 Jan '21
13 Jan '21

very well deserved !

13 Jan '21

Yes excellent place, so lucky to have a Top Class restaurant in SE23. During the various lockdowns I have enjoyed their delivery / collect meals which is to their same standard (albeit a reduced menu compared to normal eat in). Though opening their vacuum sealed containers is a real challenge, it certainly keeps the food fresh.

They also own the Babur to Go in Crofton Park which whilst not so adventurous menu IMO is still very good - and obviously cheaper.

13 Jan '21

Ha, this is so true! You have this delicious food waiting for you inside what is essentially a safe! Good things come to those who wait as they say!

We’ve been going to Babur since we moved her 15 years ago, having to walk past it on our way home was a temptation we found hard to resist.

Since having the kids we have mainly gone the to buffet on Sundays which is amazing, but I very much miss our evening meals and drinks there - living only a few minutes away the collect from restaurant menu is perfect for us when we want to treat ourselves.

It’s a true SE23 gem.