Archived on 6/5/2022

Birthday Cake (delivery)

22 Jan '21

Would usually get a birthday cake from near my work office, but with working from home looking to get one a little more local this year.
I’m looking something similar to a hummingbird bakery cake, rather than something from a supermarket.

Delivery would be a bonus, but I could pickup from Forest Hill and surrounding areas.
Any local cake shops still open under lockdown?


22 Jan '21

These guys are based in the industrial park near to Shannon’s. They supplied an amazing cake for a big birthday a couple of years ago, and other friends have used them.

22 Jan '21

I have always liked the look of these guys. Not had any of their cake, but I would like to !

22 Jan '21

Hi ,
Sadly these guys have moved to Kent now so not sure if they count as local anymore , but the cakes were out of this world !

22 Jan '21

I discovered last year that UberEats has bakery companies on there. (Only eggless Cakes & Cakes Today are listed as bakery options). Not sure if they deliver or whether it’s collection though.

Hummingbird Bakery do deliveries by the way, I had one delivered last year. I’m assuming they are still delivering…

22 Jan '21

We had Lola’s delivered recently. Was a total treat.

22 Jan '21

Taymount bakery does birthday cakes to order. She’s in the process of setting up her new place but is still baking.

23 Jan '21

Blackbird Bakery in Crystal Palace or East Dulwich do a range of large cakes, they will ice messages as well.

Their cakes are more traditional - think ginger, carrot, chocolate but delicious.

23 Jan '21

The Cake Store on Sydenham Road might be taking online orders

23 Jan '21

Catfood cakes is great and had a surprise custom birthday for myself a few years back. Was soo good