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Free suitcases

23 Jan '21

Not that trips are currently on the cards but we have some suitcases going spare if anyone would like any of them?

2 x medium size Antler (c.45cm x 55cm / c.35cm x 55cm).
2 x cabin size (32cm x 55cm / 39 x 50cm)
They are different styles, but all with 2 wheels. They’re well used but definitely have a bit of life left in them yet.

Thanks, AM

24 Jan '21

Grace Aid charity in Lewisham is looking for suitcases (trainers too)! They can be found at 18 Leagate, Lee Green.

I saw this via Twitter. They mention a footwear drive tomorrow but I’m sure they would be grateful for anything.

24 Jan '21

Ah thanks for sharing, that would be a really good use for them!

25 Mar '21

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