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Pending collection

28 Jan '21

I was lucky enough to be given this lovely climbing frame for free from a local pub the other day.
It’s a commercial use frame , so heavy and durable.
Unfortunately, I got it home and cannot fit it through my garden alley!
I’m gutted as this is great.
It’s free to anyone that can collect from Devonshire road Se233sr. It’s currently being stored in the front garden so it would be great if it could be collected ASAP.
It will need a lick of paint and securing into the ground once you assemble it in your garden.
The fort piece (the tower bit) is still assembled- luckily I had a huge man and van to move it - so it remains like that for now. You may wish to dismantle this piece on collection though. The rest is dismantled.
It’s heavy and will take a couple of people to transport/load it.

Any questions let me know

28 Jan '21

This is lovely…just a suggestion - if you don’t find anybody to take it off your hands, maybe you could contact local nurseries/primary schools and see if they’d like it?

28 Jan '21

Thanks , I had the same thought but would assume there would be issues with insurance/ health and safety as it is pre loved. But I absolutely will reach out locally x

28 Jan '21

I recognise that!

Any idea why the pub wanted to give it away? Is it to make more space for out door socially-distanced drinking when they finally re-open?

29 Jan '21

Yes I do believe they are creating an outdoor space for when they are able to reopen ! They are a lovely lot around there and I personally will be heading around for a meal and glass or two when they do reopen!

29 Jan '21

My kids have definitely been on there - such a shame you can’t get it into your garden.

We may be giving away our (smaller but still big) swing and slide set next year, if we do I will give you a shout to return your good deed (ironically we got it free off someone on Devonshire Road - though the person said it would fit in a car, it took 2+ hours to take down and 3 trips to get it back!).

30 Mar '21

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