Archived on 6/5/2022

Confident Foxes around Bovill and Garthorne Road

31 Jan '21

Yesterday I witnessed a fox strolling along Garthorne Road near the top of Bovill road, around midday. It then took a wonder into a front garden, and into the front porch where someone had left their door open. It ran back out, I think spooked by something inside.

I’ve also had a greyish fox on Grierson road, near the barrier to Bovill rd, start following me as I’m walking my dog in the evening. Clapping and stamping won’t deter it, I’ve had to shout at it.

Just beware if they get too close and then get scared, they may attack instead of run.

They are getting much too confident around humans and during the day imo.

1 Feb '21

You are right. I have been noticing this for a long while. It will probably end in tears.

1 Feb '21

It’s not helped by people treating them as pets and encouraging them onto property with food, I.e “fox baiting”.

1 Feb '21

I think they have less food at this time of year so possibly stay out in the open more than normal.

Urban foxes are definitely more confident than their urban neighbours, but I suspect in the grand scheme of things much less to worry about than many other things or animals.