Archived on 6/5/2022

Geddes break in?

6 Feb '21

This afternoon I noticed the hairdressers opposite Sainsbury on London Road had its door boarded up as if it had smashed in by someone in a possible break in.
Was this the case because if so I think its so sad and despicable that at such a tough time for independent businesses Criminals are targeting them to break in and steal stuff whilst they are are closed and unable to make a living.
I know this has been happening across the country-burglars unable to target homes with so many people inside all day targeting shops restaurants and bars to steal whatever they can get their hands on.
If this was the case here I really think as a community we should keep our eyes and ears open for anyone who appears to be casing a closed shop or looking out our windows if we hear car or shop alarms going off.
Its the least we can do-look out for each other at times like this including our local shops and services.

7 Feb '21

Doesn’t look good, does it: