Archived on 6/5/2022

Looking for Rehearsal/Training Space (Actor)

9 Feb '21


I was looking to find some future space for myself. I am an actor and looking for a space to develop some work over the coming months.

I was looking for somewhere to use every Friday - late morning for approximately 3 hours each week. It would need to be warm, safe, private and ok with loud noises. I wouldn’t want to potentially annoy any neighbours.

If you have or know of anything - please drop me a note or a link or a price etc…

I am local - living right by Forest Hill Station. I would love to start this as soon as I can, dependent on restrictions.

9 Feb '21

I’m not sure what size of space you need, but maybe some of these halls might be worth considering?

The Honor Oak pub and Railway Telegraph also used to hire out largish rooms above the pub, a bit smaller than the above halls. The pubs are closed, but it may be that they would still hire out that space if you can get in touch with them?

9 Feb '21

Yes, I was thinking along the same lines - local churches. Some have superb acoustics and not much going on at the moment. Vicars/ministers should be sympathetic if their protocols are OK. The promise of staged performances when times allow would be a future attraction as a community asset. My local church, St Barts, Sydenham did play host to the Sydenham International Music Festival years ago and pre-pandemic a regular series of chamber stuff. You might also want to checkout Jonathan of Spontaneous Productions. He must be rehearsing something somewhere.

9 Feb '21


We are the FH Space on Havelock Walk, very close to the station.

We don’t do hourly hire in the week ‘normally’ as we are primarily for theatre companies but we do have space in the evenings and there may be some opportunities over the next few weeks for Friday day hire because theatre companies aren’t doing much rehearsing!

Please feel free to email me on: with what you need and I can give you some more info