Archived on 6/5/2022

Safe Running Routes in the Snow

9 Feb '21

Hey everyone,

A very random one, but do any keen runners know of any safe routes to use in the snow? Would love to know if any of the local parks have gritted paths etc. We usually use Dulwich Park/The Waterlink Way but not sure how safe they are in this weather!

Let me know if anyone has any ideas :slight_smile:


9 Feb '21

Hi @Ruthydoo

I’ve just got in from walking through Mayow Park; it and the surrounding areas have not been gritted. I was thinking about going out for run once I got home. But after watching other runners slip and slide their way around the park, I’ve decided walking is best. I usually run the Waterlink Way so assuming that is the same as Mayow Park.

Running on freshly fallen snow is okay-ish as it does give you some grip.

10 Feb '21

Dulwich Park, one side of the South Circular down to Lordship Lane, and Court Lane have all been gritted and were ok for running on Monday. While I was running to Dulwich Park along the South Circular it looked as though Southwark had gritted the footpaths on a number of roads. Hopefully that means Peckham Rye has also been gritted. Not sure if they’ve gritted again since Monday though.