Archived on 6/5/2022

Magic lessons from a professional Magician

11 Feb '21


Learn professional card magic on zoom with a Magician.

Local professional Magician Simon Palmer (aka Professor Palmermoff )is now teaching his incredible skills with zoom card magic lessons to children and adults aged 9 upwards.

A complete beginner can learn how to do professional standard card magic in a few months, its a fantastic skill to learn and with a few regular lessons progress is rapid

In times of lockdown us Magicians have very few shows to do so passing on our skills to the next generation is a great thing to do.

Within a few lessons pupils will have some fairly stunning card tricks in their repertoire but will also learn the basic card sleights (or moves) that are the building blocks of card magic as well as the art of mis-direction and sleight of hand more generally.

The benefits of learning card magic are not just in having a few great tricks at your disposal with which you can entertain family and friends with a quality party piece.
Performing these tricks involve performing and public speaking, they involve audience control and controlling a table or a room of people. It involves psychology, mathematics, dexterity, showmanship, a whole range of skills that have benefits way beyond just doing a few card tricks.

The props required are just a pack of cards.
Something cheap, versatile, found in every home, portable, replaceable and never in the world of entertaining has a prop so small played so big and in such a wide variety of situations. Its no coincidence it is the most used prop in Magic.

I currently have 8 pupils, while shows are impossible with the current restrictions i have room for a few more. Ring Simon (Professor Palmermoff) on 07939047780 or visit for details about me and my show.

I have been performing my magic show for 25 years and have performed 1000’s of shows, its now time to share these skills with the next generation so give me a call.