Archived on 6/5/2022

Forest Hill Boys

13 Feb '21

The Telegraph has a piece by Michael Sullivan, Head Teacher of Forest Hill School, in which he discusses the all-boys school and it’s approach to learning, discipline and diversity in the context of the school.

It’s an interesting read and gives some insight into the head teacher’s philosophy and how the school runs and where is places values.

Obviously secondary school applications for 2021 closed last year (offers are due 1st March), but it may be interesting none-the-less:

The rest of the article (if it isn’t paywalled) goes on to discuss how the ‘restorative’ school resolves conflict, how they hold a Stonewall Bronze – soon to be Silver award - and have equality groups and ambassadors, and how the school also renamed it’s houses to better reflect the diversity of the school and community.

The Head makes a good case for the boys-only school and finishes with:

… it’s not just about academically high standards; it’s about the education of the whole child. And this is something that I believe we do very well.