Archived on 6/5/2022

Riwaz: New Indian takeaway - excellent

13 Feb '21

We tried out the new restaurant that has opened on the site of the India Gate in London Road. Now called the Riwaz and open for takeaways. Very friendly staff and reasonable prices. Such a good menu I wish we could have sampled more of it, but there is only so much you can eat. Anyway, the Punjabi butter chicken, tandoori malabar prawns and saffron pilau rice were excellent. Hope they will stay and prosper. They do deliveries but I virtually live next door so called in. 0208 922 1472 .

13 Feb '21

Menu from Gmaps:

13 Feb '21

looks good!

13 Mar '21

Looks like another place being refitted:

Let’s hope this is also in anticipation of an April reopening :crossed_fingers:

29 May '21

My wife and I went to eat inside Riwaz yesterday. Have to say it was excellent.

Food is great - in terms of standard, closer to Babur than to the average high street indian restaurant, cooked brilliantly and lots of interesting choices.

The decor, service and drinks list is also really good. Great to have such an addition to Forest Hill!

29 May '21

It was delicious but extremely hot, even the two milk dishes we got were too hot for us.

30 May '21

We had an excellent takeaway from them last week – mostly starters and breads, and butter chicken “on a roll” to share dim sum/tapas style, but also a chicken tikka, which was a creamy colour (not artificial red or orange). All fairly mild but with plenty of flavour.