Archived on 6/5/2022

Lost cat Perry Village area ( now safely home again)

13 Feb '21

Our neighbours have just acquired a new cat and it has escaped into Perry Rise. Any sightings please let me know.

13 Feb '21

Sorry to hear this @ThorNogson. I’ve shared on our social channels :crossed_fingers:

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:twitter: @SE23Cats (300 followers)

13 Feb '21

I know this is obvious, but if they have just got the cat they should make sure the microchip is up to date and not listed with old owners etc.

Also I think they say to leave the litter tray or something they can smell they are familiar with outside if possible.

Good luck.

13 Feb '21

I was just coming on here to post this too. They are my friends. Please keep an eye out for Smudge… Smudge generally responds to her name but is new to the area… we desperately want her back :pensive::disappointed:

14 Feb '21

Found! To everyone’s relief and after much searching she was found last night.